Workflow run not triggered on repo with Travis app configured

I’ve set up a simple workflow on the release event in a repo that has the Travis app configured. When I create GitHub releases I can see the workflow jobs being created:

However, when I inspect a run I can only see Travis and not my actual workflow:

Clicking “view workflow file” on the jobs correctly opens the workflow. You can view it here.

Hi NiGhTTrax,

Thanks for your feedback! I notice the latest workflow displays well in your action tab, so the issue is gone? Please kindly confirm.

I copied your repo and checked on my side the workflow content displays well.

If there is other extra steps for issue repro, please kindly let me know, thanks.


Hi weide-zhou, yeah it seems the problem solved itself with time. The first run appeared after a couple of hours and recorded a run time of over 2 hours. The next runs seem to work correctly.

I still don’t understand why Travis appears there though. Travis is triggered on pushes to master, and the workflow is configured on release publishes.

Thanks @nighttrax for your feedback! Is it still repro?  It’s recommened to ask private github support from link: we’ll dig futher then.

Thanks @nighttrax  for your feedback! Is it still repro? It’s recommend to ask private support from link: We will dig further then.