Workflow_run is capped at max 3 subsequent runs

From test in my repo which auto pulls from the forked origin.

The project can be built on multiple platforms with multiple graphics backends and that is what I do with my workflows. But as soon as the third workflow called with workflow_run is done the subsequent one that should be called doesn’t get called.

Is this a known limitation ? Can we work around this limit or make the limit higher ?

Thank you and good day,



There are too many workflow files in your repository, and we can’t confirm which workflows have the problem you report.
Please indicate the relevant workflows in your repository, so that we can check the detailed configurations in the relevant workflows to analyze the root cause.

Here is the order that was put in the files:

Starts with :
1 -html5-dll-webgl.yml
then these are started by workflow_run:
2 - linux-dll-opengl.yml
3 - linux-dll-vulkan.yml
4 - windows-dll-direct3d11.yml
5 - windows-dll-direct3d12.yml
6 - windows-lib-direct3d11.yml
7 - windows-lib-direct3d12.yml