Workflow reuse env var for reference

I am trying to make a callable workflow and reuse it in another workflow in the same repo on the same branch. Following the guide, it is setup like this:

uses: octo-org/example-repo/.github/workflows/workflow-A.yml@master

If I want to test the reusable workflow from my dev branch I would always have to edit the line to

uses: octo-org/example-repo/.github/workflows/workflow-A.yml@development

Then change it back before I merge to master. Surely there has to be a better way? I have tried to change it to

uses: octo-org/example-repo/.github/workflows/workflow-A.yml@${GITHUB_REF}


uses: octo-org/example-repo/.github/workflows/workflow-A.yml@${{github.ref}}

Neither works, it appears it won’t look up the env var with “uses