Workflow not running for pull requests made by bots

I have the following workflow setup:

name: 🔨 Build Mudlet
    branches: [master, development]
    - cron: '0 2 * * *'

When a bot makes the PR, Github no longer runs my workflow - why? It used to before. Example here.

Appreciate any assistance in this.

Hi @vadi2

I looked at the repository and it looks to be resolved now.
Let me know if there’s still an ongoing issue there that I can help with.

I’m afraid it’s still an issue, see this PR for example - Update text for translation in Crowdin by github-actions · Pull Request #5296 · Mudlet/Mudlet · GitHub

I’ve just been force approving the PRs manually which is not ideal since I have to toggle push protection every time for it.

Any way of solving this?