Workflow not running even correct yaml file

The workflows was working perfectly till this point. The name of the workflow is Test.

After I add additional step, for some reason the workflow didn’t ran in the PR, even by doing few tweaks to the yaml file the workflow didn’t ran.

When I ran that workflow using manual trigger in the feat/logchimp-config-file branch. The test passed successfully.


I can see the Test workflow had ran normally for the commit “825fe7536bb9d87ee79b707aee7001ac0f050bd8” (fix: logchimpConfig module path in db config) on the branch “feat/logchimp-config-file”.
See this run:

In addition, I noticed you have set path filters on push event for this workflow,

name: Test
      - "frontend/**"
      - "server/**"
      - "package.json"
      - "yarn.lock"
. . .

at the latest commit “078f64f5e45f3965698c548d4bb635bb4697516c” (action: Add “Create logchimp config file” step in test.yml) on the branch “feat/logchimp-config-file”, you only changed the workflow file that does not match the path filters, so the Test workflow was not triggered for this commit. This is correct behavior.

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You might want to add
- ".github/workflows/**