Workflow job stops midway but reported as success

Hi, we are in process of migrating BuildStream from GitLab to GitHub. So, I was trying to adapt our CI pipelines to work with GitHub Actions.

Things seem to work for the most part, but I noticed that some workflow jobs can stop during their execution, without any indication of what happened. And, the job status is reported as success. This usually happens 2-3 minutes in whereas a normal test run takes 15-20 minutes.

For some examples, see:

In both cases, our testsuite seemed to stop around 2-3% for no apparent reason.

Is this a bug in Actions? Or am I missing something obvious?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


If possible, please try the same process for the same project on your local environment to see if the problem occurs.
If the problem does not occur on your local environment, you can try to install a self-hosted on the local environment to run the job in the workflow to see if the problem still exists.

Any progress, feel free to tell us. Thanks.

How are things going?
Have you tried as mu above suggestions? Please try it, and give us the feedback. Thanks.