Workflow file duplicated?

We have a build/test process running on a self-hosted server.  It’s been up and running for about a week.  Intermittently, within the GitHub Actions, it shows a duplicated Workflow file that it says is invalid.  

  1. From the GitHub Web Page, click Actions tab

  2. Click into the appropriate Workflow to bring up the detail for that workflow (the page that shows the stdout).

Here is what I’m seeing when it is misbehaving:

Normally I just see the Green part (my normal Build/Test process).  When it misbehaves, I see the extra Red part, which seems to think I’ve got an extra workflow file that is not properly formatted.

Anyone else seen this, or know what’s going on?

Appreciate any insights!

Did you check whether there is another workflow defined with push event on your repository, and maybe the two workflows have the same configurations for jobs and steps, even use the same name.
If so, you may need to delete an unrequired workflow, or changes the configurations of them to let them run for different event triggers or different jobs.