Workflow error (action not allowed)

What is happening ?

I didn’t change anything to the configuration !!

Action tab shows (Unnamed workflow) for all recent workflow runs since yesterday.

Build Failed

Workflow Error


### ERRORED 21:56:28Z

- Only actions in "sundowndev" are allowed for this repository

The error message indicates that it is only allowed to run the actions exist within your repository or organization (sundowndev). Please check the “Settings\Actions” of your repository:



My job triggers on push and pull_request.

The settings are as stated.

However,  I still receive this message in case of a pull request from a forked repository. 

Is there anything else to take care of?

I have an action that references an external module.

Initially, the “Actions permissions” configuration in my repository was set to " Enable local Actions only for this repository" and this action was working properly but recently I noticed it stopped to work.

I just noticed that there is a new notification in the Github Action “Marketplace”, so I think this error was caused by this change. 

I had to change the “Actions permissions” configuration to " Enable local and third-party Actions for this repository" to fix it.