Workflow Does Not Start


I have check/workflow that does not seem to start. It wouldn’t have been a big issue if I could cancel it or restart it in some way, but that is not the case. I am able to take any action what so ever. And since I am trying to merge in to our master branch, which is a protected branch that requires all checks to pass prior to merge, it blocks me from merging my pull request.

I have not found any other posts relating to this specific issue. Rerunning failed jobs seems to be possible, but since this one won’t even fail I am unable to solve this.

I should probably point out that this problem has persisted for several hours, since last night.

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Hey! Is this issue still persisting? Seems like it could have been a temporary outage but I would appreciate an update on the state if possible. 

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The issue did not resolve itself, I ended up makeing an empty commit in order to trigger a new build instead. The previous stuck/non-started workflow is now gone.

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Glad to hear things are working now. 

Same for other repo:, can you take a look.

I would try putting in another commit to see if the work flow starts. If that does the trick, consider sending the commit link to GitHub support to investigate further in case this is an issue.

Yeah, that is so annoying!

I looked at the API (at least v4), thought maybe there was some way to cancel / retrigger workflows from there, but I couldn’t find anything related to GitHub actions at all.

I already pinged Nat (CEO of GitHub) on Twitter and told him there should be a manual start and re-run button like on TravisCI and he said he agrees.