Workflow_dispatch workflow not showing in actions tab

Not sure this will help anyone, but we ran into this because we had an environment variable with a value that wasn’t quoted. The workflow is set up to run on workflow_dispatch as well as on schedule. We also used to have it run on repository_dispatch before we changed it to workflow_dispatch. No issues with this until workflow dispatch. Neither the UI nor the API endpoint to trigger a workflow dispatch event worked. Quoting the value fixed it.


  SOME_ENV_VAR: 2020-01-01


  SOME_ENV_VAR: "2020-01-01"

Has this issue been updated? I am trying to use workflow_dispatch but a button is not showing when I go to the actions tab.

I am having the same problem. Has this issue been fixed yet?

Adding my own 2 cents here:

As of April 28th 2021, I also experienced issues with a) visibility of the workflow & mini-UI-Web-form. I also don’t get the UI mini-form to enter field values. I ended up using GH CLI and managed to trigger a workflow_dispatch-type workspace specifying my custom fields.

First try with the CLI failed:

$ gh workflow run build.yml -f logLevel=warning -f usdArtefactPrefix=fake-usd -f usdBuildVersion=v21.02 -f usdBuildType=Debug
could not create workflow dispatch event: HTTP 422: Workflow does not have 'workflow_dispatch' trigger (

But then worked when specifying by DEV branch:

$ gh workflow run build.yml --ref dev/some/branch_name -f logLevel=warning -f usdArtefactPrefix=fake-usd -f usdBuildVersion=v21.02 -f usdBuildType=Debug 
✓ Created workflow_dispatch event for build_usd.yml at dev/some/branch_name
To see runs for this workflow, try: gh run list --workflow=build.yml

I took the same approach as @nmontmarquette, and the workflow showed as successfully submitted, i.e., the same as the snippet in @nmontmarquette’s post. However, when I run gh run list as the CLI suggests after submitted the workflow, the runs never appear.

Is there a feature request or issue somewhere where I can add my vote to getting this included in the UI?
The REST API workaround requiring personal access tokens is really unpleasant.