Workflow_dispatch webhook payload

worfklow_dispatch webhook event does not specify the payload

Is there a reason for that?

:wave: hello there @nicolasmanic, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

The webhook payload example is a few lines below the workflow_dispatch description. Is that the payload you’re looking for? If it’s not rendering for you at this time, sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing would help to investigate further. :male_detective:

Hi @francisfuzz thanks for the reply I can see the example but usually there is a webhook payload object table eg:

In this case I don’t see one only the example and I’m curious if this is because the payload is subject to change or it’s just missing.

@nicolasmanic: Thanks for highlighting that detail––that helps. :+1: As a next step, we’ve shared this case with our documentation team and we will follow up here when we have an update from them (we don’t have a timeline for when this will be updated).