Workflow dispatch questions and requests

Hello, I am exploring the new workflow dispatch feature. Overall I think this looks like a great feature. I really like the idea of using workflow dispatch to reduce the amount of copy and paste code in our workflows. My thought is to define a main workflow with standard inputs, then call that main workflow in a variety of contexts (on pull requests, push, etc) with different arguments based on branch, etc.


  • I tried triggering a workflow dispatch event from another workflow running on a pull request. The ref for the pull request was something like refs/pull/67/merge, apparently this type of ref is not valid as input to a workflow dispatch?

Feature requests:

  • Show workflow inputs in the Actions List UI, allow user to search for workflows based on workflow dispatch inputs
  • Allow enumerated lists for inputs, user triggering manual workflow dispatch would see a drop down. Could also add radio button for bool inputs.
  • When gating a pull request on a given workflow (e.g. A), allow the pull request to be automatically gated against additional workflows (e.g. B, C) triggered by workflow A using workflow dispatch

Hi @dmacusb2
Yes, the type of ref is not valid as input to a workflow dispatch as you said. You could raise a new feedback about your multiple feature requests in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions where GitHub product team will take a review. Thank you for helping us build a better GitHub Action.