Workflow , Compare & Merge notice

We are evaluating Github Enterprise version 3.2

In process of comparing our current workflow in a different version control software to GitHub, we have noticed the following behaviour.

We have 4 environments(development/master, QA, UAT and production)

We then configured 4 branches in GitHub.

Upon updating of the QA branch, GitHub pops up a notice on the web site notifying the user that branch QA was updated
and provides a “Compare & Merge” button

Our workflow expects the change to travel through development → QA → UAT → production in a sequence.
As such, a cherry pick to QA or merge is not expected to be merged back to development.

At this moment we are unsure if this is not an expected workflow for GitHub.
We are also not sure if our current workflow would break expected conventions within GitHub.

Any advice would be welcome.