Wordpress Plugins not working - Jquery showing errors


I’m new to the development world and I started by migrating an Html web site to Wordpress theme using a backbone theme. 

Everything looks good on the website (on localhost & live) but not on my plugins dashboard & tools. 

Some plugins (Ninja Form, rev slider, popmaker…) open in a normal way. But when I enter some pages of the pluging (for example I wanted to create a form using Ninja form, but the page doesn’t show properly), the console start throwing some JQuery/Js errors. (picture below) jquery errors.PNG

Here’s an example of the error : "at n.onRender (builder,js?ver=2.9.8:7)

onRender: function() {
                this.$el = this.$el.children(),
                this.itemControls.show(new e({
                    model: this.model
                i.channel("app").request("is:mobile") && jQuery(this.el).on("taphold", function(e, t) {
                    jQuery(e.target).hasClass("nf-edit-settings") || (jQuery(this).addClass("ui-sortable-helper drag-selected"),
                    jQuery(this).ClassyWiggle("start", {
                        degrees: [".65", "1", ".65", "0", "-.65", "-1", "-.65", "0"],
                        delay: 50

Any Idea guys what is causing the problem ?

Same issue here, dont know why is that, although your detailed thread shows some highlights.