wordpress image loose image profile up on resize

Dear Community,
i hope this is the right place to ask that question.

I have an issue using wordpress imlemented image resizer (to get better site load speeds). 

I use a theme called laytheme, but i allready contacted the developer and he saied its a worpress function and error. Let me describe the issue: If i upload an image with an assigned color profile (sRGB) and use the resized images (Lay Theme uses automatically generated smaller image sizes to speed up loading.) it seems like the profile gets dropped and this messes with the colors and saturation big time.

I can switch of thsi option in the theme but this will sacrify the load speed of my page.

I am building a portfolio page with a LOT of large images so this resize function would be so cool, but with the wring colors i cant use it. Is there a way to fix that? There must me others experiencing the same issue with images i suppose.

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