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Hi there

I am struggling a bit with a ‘affiliate’ script that should be pasted into the Confirmation page on my site. I need to find the “[order_id]” and “[md5_hash]” in Woocommerce, however I do not know where to find these variables. Anyone who knows the name of the variables or knows where I should look?

The script looks like this: 

var ADT = ADT || {};
ADT.Tag = ADT.Tag || {};
ADT.Tag.t = 4;
ADT.Tag.c = “DKK”;
ADT.Tag.tp = 1504236741;
ADT.Tag.ti = “[order_id]”;
ADT.Tag.xd = “[md5_hash]”;

Explanation on variables from my affiliate partner

  1. [order_id] must be replaced by a unique booking / order reference. Conversions with non-unique order references will be considered duplicates and thus not tracked.
  2. [md5_hash] must be replaced by an MD5 hash created from the user’s email address. Hashes are used for cross device tracking. For implementation, please refer to our hashing functions.

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