Windows10 and Linux Ubuntu Challenge

I didn’t know anything about the Ubuntu used with Windows10

. I thought that it was a complete OS with the B ash command prompt and also the GUI aspect… I found out that just wasn’t the case! ** No GUi!**

I am not a coder. However the thought came to my mind that perhaps some knowledgeable programmers could change the situation. The challenge is to get a working X11 server. Add a Linux kernel, and possibly run KDE on that platform. That would create a fully integrated dual OS’s, without the need of a virtual saddle to run an OS as a guest on the W10 OS. Ater all, the Ubuntu command line system is fully functional. What’s missing is the other half. And that is a fully functional running GUI. Anyone think that they are good enough to complete the picture?

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You need to run an X Server. Here is an example article.

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