Windows Virtual private server problem

Hello github i am using your services for a virtual private server.
But i have a problem the server only runs for 6 hours the services are good and it is very fast and secure and i am glad it is free but can anyone help me to run it for 24/7 bcuz i have some workload that cant be done in just 6 hours Thank You

Hello there.

Can you be more specific with the details? Thanks. That will help solving the problem.

Also, GitHub Community is in 10-Day Cleanup,

you may want to check it out too,

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Hello thanks for responding so the issue is I was using it as a online virtual machine(I think that is allowed) to render some animations and do 24/7 live stream but after starting the server it stopped in 6 hours and I want to be specific the virtual machine I was using on GitHub servers was windows with 7gb ram very high net connection(nearly1gbps) and nearly 24 GB storage thanks and if you want to know how I made it so you can fix it I am giving you a link and plese solve this problem because I have faith in GitHub that it will help me and I want to tell you I am not a professional coder so something’s might go above my head I am learning and I am giving the link of video I used to make server ah and yes I am sorry to say that the video is in hindi but the code is given in the link below his video Thanks and please help me out cuz I was waiting for someone from months