Windows github action randomly freezes

We’ve had a few occurences of the windows builds just randomly stalling now. They all seem to have the same symptom: The build will randomly freeze, and stay there for 6 hours until it timeouts and the CI automatically cancels the task and goes to the cleanup phase.

In all three cases, the “Build develop” fails randomly. In the first two (which ran on cmd), after a couple minutes of building, the build will stop with the message "Terminate batch job (Y/N)? " coming out of nowhere. It will stay there for 6 hours until github automatically kills the build.

In the third build (which ran on powershell - did github actions silently change the runner?), it just freezes after a while and stays stuck there until timeout.

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Hey @roblabla,

Thanks for being here! Have you seen this

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Ah, thanks for the link, I didn’t see that! It explains why the third run used powershell instead of cmd. Doesn’t explain the freezes though :(.