Windows explorer not working. On win 7

Is there a rough list of the browsers compatible with github pages with html, css and javascript? Any work arounds for older browsers?

Chrome & Firefox seem to always work. Explorer & Safari not so much.

Thanks in advance, tefriot.

Hello @teflonprosk,

For the most part any page made with html, css, and javascript should work offline. There are some exceptions however:

  1. Page links will need something to append their URLs with index.html so navigation works properly offline. This is a solution I commonly use on my page projects.
  2. Some browsers block cookies on offline documents, breaking some JavaScript features. This can usually be solved by disabling the blocking of 3rd party cookies in your browser settings.
  3. Much like above, localStorage is completely blocked on some browsers when offline, such as Internet Explorer and pre-chromium versions of Edge. This completely blocks the script which contains localStorage references from executing. A solution I came up with for this was to check for cookies support and the current browser, BEFORE checking if localStorage can be used (ex: if (storageOK) 'use of localStorage is OK!'). Granted, it may need modifications for IE support.

Not sure if there’s anything else, but these are some common issues I’ve ran into while developing my pages for offline usage.

Just realized you may be referring to online use. If that’s the case, you’ll need to check the developer console to see what errors are occurring on your pages which are preventing them from functioning properly. You can do this by opening the developer tools (F12, CTRL+SHIFT+I, etc) and navigating to the console tab. More often than not, you may need to use older methods in JavaScript/CSS for pages to function properly on older browsers, such as IE.

Not really having a problem offline, if offline means testing locally on my own machines, but thanks for the info. I seen to be having problems because my page will not load images for animation with a javascript. Works on Chrome, Fire Fox newer Safari, Edge and newer Iphones. Anyone have a list of the older tech or guidlines for old tech serving from Git.hub.pages? I am using plain html, css and javascript.

By old tech I mean give up on this setup from 20xx? thx

What’s the JavaScript in question that you’re using? That would probably help in identifying the issue.

You can check what version of a browser supports the feature you’re trying to use on MDN. An example with querySelector: is also a really useful resource for seeing which CSS and JS features are supported by different browsers!