Windows app installation/update?

Some of the applications we are building are .Net apps being used in internal production for various things. Folks tend to leave these apps running at their desks, and in some cases we need them to upgrade because (e.g.) the app touches the database directly and the schema has changed.

I’m wondering whether it might make sense to set up a local github runner on those machines that de-installs the existing application when a new one becomes available (or better still, installs the new one).

Has anybody played with this sort of thing?


You can try to set up the workflow like as this in the repository of each application:

    types: [published]

    runs-on: ${{ matrix.runner }}
        runner: [self-runner-01, self-runner-02, self-runner-03, . . .]
      - name: Install/update app on the runner machine
        run: |
          --- command lines to download and install the latest released app ---

In this way, every time when an application is published with a new release note, the workflow in its repository will be triggered to install the latest released application on the specified runner machines.

That’s more or less where I was headed. It’s helpful to have confirmation.

Thank you, brightran.

You’re welcome, @b-jsshapiro.

Any update, feel free to contact us.

I’ll share the action and doc the workflow on GitHub when we have it.

Okay, please go ahead.