Will ${{ placeholders }} work from other Strings?

I want to use the label-commenter GitHub Action to automatically post canned responses depending on the label provided.

My question now is, if I would f.e. add ${{ github.event.sender.login }} to the response String - which corresponds to who created the issue - would GitHub still parse this String or treat it as a literal one?

My guess would be no and that the placeholder would be displayed as is, but I better want to ask here first.


I noticed that you also have opened an issue ticket (peaceiris/actions-label-commenter#152) , and this question seems has been solved by using the v1.4.0-0 of the action.

- name: Label Commenter
  uses: peaceiris/actions-label-commenter@v1.4.0-0
    github_token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

I also tested this version, and it can work fine.

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