will not trigger pushing via Github actions

Hello, I want to the workflow build->push->github pages.

First, I wrote https://github.com/MokkeMeguru/portfolio/blob/master/.github/workflows/clojure-build.yml for pushing the production branch to the master branch.

And Next,  I wrote https://github.com/MokkeMeguru/portfolio/blob/master/.github/workflows/clojure-build.yml for pushing to the master branch to the gh-pages branch.

But I found github cannot trigger the push from Github Actions.

Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

typo: Hello, I want to the workflow build->push->github pages. 

=> Hello, I want to build the workflow build->push->github pages. 

I found the solution. 

It’s very simple.

We should not use GITHUB_TOKEN.

  1. we create a personal token in your “Github’s settings->Developer settings->Personal access tokens->Generate new token” (not repository’s settings).

  2. create new token. You NEED TO check “*repo” and “repo*”.

  3. store the token’s name and its value

  4. In you repository’s settings->Secrets->Add a new secret

  5. replace GITHUB_TOKEN to these secrets.

Now, this solution is incorect.
because Github Team counters it.