Will GitHub ever use GitHub itself?

I didn’t see a category to put this into, other than the API one, but this doesn’t quite fit there…

Is github.community the new “issue tracker” for GitHub itself? I see things with “Feature Request:” in their summaries, so it seems kinda like maybe it is… personally I’d love to see GH “dogfooding”, and using its own issue system (even with an empty repo), but if this is it…

Could there be a roadmap, and/or some way for folks to track stuff? Maybe an actual issue tracking bit tacked on? I’ve found “discussion” forums aren’t generally the right tool for the job, but maybe if there were some bits added to surface info people looking for more than “it’s on the internal list” are looking for, it could work— but ideally just consolidating using the existing GH issue system, since it’s there already. :smiley:

I got another email saying someone had commented on this issue today:

Which made me wonder what the current state of things was, with GH being under MS now…

this is a whiz-bang discussion site, but not quite what I was looking for.

Are there any plans for a roadmap/issue tracker? Or a place to get some input from GH devs, versus the intermediaries or fellow GH users? Oh, I just searched for “feature request”, and saw this:

Which I figure answers some of my questions… unless something has changed? :hopeful_smile:

I now suspect sending this is rather futile, but I’d already typed most of it, so— meh, maybe there is something on the horizon that some other user has overheard or something! :crossed_fingers:

And hey, barring that, we can always have a nice discussion about dogfooding and the benefits of open source in general!

Asking GitHub to make a public issue tracker available has been a popular request for years. The most popular unofficial one I know of is https://github.com/isaacs/github.

It can be useful to search for and subscribe to issues there, because (if someone remembers to close the issue) you’ll get a notification when it’s fixed. Also, sometimes other users post useful workarounds for the problems.

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Hi @denuno, great question!

No, the GitHub Support Community is an effort to improve our customer support and allow us to answer questions publicly when we can so that other people might also find answers if they are having similar problems.

The official way to submit feedback and feature requests is to use the GitHub Feedback form. That form goes directly to our product and engineering teams, so it is the most direct route to being heard. That being said, customers will generally use any channel that they can to talk to us about what they do and don’t like about GitHub and we do our best to listen and convey those sentiments to our product and engineering teams.

I don’t know what the eventual solution will be, but I can say that we are discussing internally how to better collect customer feedback and convey our plans for the future.

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