WiKis and Pages in Private Repos

I have a private repo with which I want to add 2 collaborators just for viewing and wiki (for documentation).

If I go PRO, can I add a WiKi page for the private repo which my collaborators can view ?
I mean, if I have 10 collaborators, do I need 11 PRO accounts or it can work if I alone am PRO ?

(This is not an organization on the same domain - gmail, some custom domain email etc)

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I’m not an expert on GitHub, but I believe that you can add two collaborators to your Git repo without having a PRO license. The number of people who can collaborate for free on GitHub, is 5. To add them to your private repo you’d send them the URL to your private repo. They’s clone or fork the repo, then the rest would be fairly normal GitHub stuff.

I can’t say about the Wiki. I’ve never tried it.