wifite wps proplem

hallo everybody

i need your help i use kalilinux 32 and with wifi alfa

so before i make updet to kalilinux it was no proplem with wifite

but now there is proplem that wifite always write wps no

like this :

12 WPA2 45db no
13  WPA2 43db no
14  WPA2 39db no
15  WPA2 39db no
16 WPA2 39db no
17 T WPA2 39db no
18  WPA2 39db no
19 1 WPA2 37db no
20  1 WPA2 37db no 

thank u for helping.

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@nadiajoyceso pls can u help me

Hi @lotus-92,

I’d recommend waiting to see if another community user is able to help with your question. I actually don’t have the knowledge necessary to give you support for wifite or kali linux. GitHub staff can, and often do, jump into Community Forum threads if there is are questions specifically about GitHub, but we don’t guarantee a response from GitHub staff, particularly about topics unrelated to GitHub.

If you don’t get the help you’re looking for from this particular community, you might want to try getting help somewhere that focuses on wifite or kali linux. It’s definitely possible another GitHub user might have run into this same issue and can help, but the GitHub Community Forum focuses primarily on topics related to GitHub, Git, and development projects hosted on GitHub. We want to make sure you’re getting the best support you can, but this forum may not be the right place for this particular topic.

Best of luck!