wifi password forget after reboot and Bluetooth not working issue

For the 1st time ever, I compiled a kernel, Samsung J7 prime nougat (exynos 7870) kernel from source.

Compilation ended with some warnings and I went ahead with installing it on my device.

Now I am facing 2 Problems:-

  1. device doesnot remebers Wi-fi passwords after rebooting

  2. Bluetooth isn’t working (Doesnot turn On).

i tried the securestorage=false method in the build prop for wifi but it’s not working.

Only changes made in the kernel to make it permissive were :-

  1. Change in /security/selinux - hooks.c file (Added :-

    selinux_enforcing = 0;// enforcing ? 1 : 0;

  2. Change in /security/selinux selinuxfs.c file ( Added :-

    new_value = 0;

    if (new_value != selinux_enforcing) {

Also attaching the complete log. log.txt

Can somebody please help ?

I have a Note 3 with Android 4.4.2 and I had the same issue. After disabling Google backup, everything is fine now. I couldn’t retrieve my old backed up wifi networks, though.

Thank you for the reply but unfortunately your solution is not working for me.

I guess a lot must have changed from android 4.4.2 to android 7.0 .