Wide editor please!

Look at all this wasted real estate! Can I get a wider editor? 

Modern monitors are real big. That textbox needs to catch up. 


Is there a better place to put this? 

Did you tried zoom the page?

As a work-around, you can override the css for github:

.container {
    padding-left: 20px;
    padding-right: 20px;
    width: auto;

The padding here is to make it slightly more beautiful, but the real part is removing the 960px restriction on width

That just makes the text bigger. Sure it makes the editor wider but if the text just gets bigger what’s the point? 

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I used a chrome extension called stylebot to add that as custom css. Didn’t work. Are you sure there’s a container class on the page? I don’t see one. 

The element is container-lg. This works well for me:

.container-lg {
    max-width: 1250px;




Surely thousands of GH users want this without having to resort to CSS changes that will break when GH is updated?

I have a 27" monitor and can only use about 1/3rd of my screen for PR reviews, crazy stuff.

I noticed if you enable experimental design changes it is wider now! Come on GitHub, you can do it!