Why zip files download buttons are are not appearing during editing in GitHub Pages themes

I created a GitHub page website by following the instructions given in GitHub Pages. The original themes has two downloads buttons, viz, one in zip and another in tar.
Once I select theme and start previewing my website, both those buttons are disappear. How can I get back to my website. Also how to customize the home page we selected.

what do you mean by that buttons ?

when editing, it’s not the site hosted on github.io, rather, it’s the rendered page,

the one you are editing is at your GitHub repo

I am not able to attach the screenshot to this post… but if you can check github pages themes, most themes have three buttons, (zip, tar, view on github). This appears when anyone choose the theme when try to create the github page… But when I select the theme and try to edit it (I already created the repo and i am editing at the repo now), I couldn’t able to see those buttons in the markup page.
How to customize the design of the stylesheet of the theme as well? :wink: