Why not register GitHub office in China

github boys and girls:

Can the forum be sent in Chinese?
There are more than 40 million Chinese users on GitHub website. We hope that the official can consider setting up an office to handle business such as DMCA and supplement ordinary and urgent business. This can not only improve efficiency, but also have a considerable income.

Good luck.

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Hello @einstein20050430.

We’ve recently added automatic machine translation to the forum, so everyone can communicate in the language that they’re most comfortable using. If you configure your account the way that’s described in the post linked above, you can read this post and all others on the forum in your native language.

Additionally, our documentation is available in Simplified Chinese at https://docs.github.com/cn.

As far as opening an office in China, I’ll pass along the request to management. Unfortunately, I can’t say when or even if we would do that but rest assured that I’ve given your feedback to the right people.

Thanks for reaching out!