Why my repo doesn't appear in google search??

I have a repo named Covid-19-Predictor-BD which I can’t find on google search. I have published  Github Pages   for this repo.Besides I have deployed it  heroku platform  naming COVIDbd . How can make my repo appear in Google Search??

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Are you asking the wrong question?  Do you want people to find your repository (the source to your web page) or the actual web page?

I enter “Coviddb” (without quotes) in google search, and your repository appears. I enter


(no quotes) and your repository doesn’t show up, but if I use quotes, your repository appears. You don’t mention what you are using as your search word(s).

This is now several days after you posted your question; keep in mind that Google isn’t instantaneous!

[I don’t see any github pages in your repositories, did you create it using a different account]?

Your heroku deployment doesn’t show up at all, which I’m guessing is what you really want people to find. If that is correct, you’ll want to do some reading on SEO (search engine optimization). For instance, I don’t see any metadata tags in your actual website.

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My Github Pages showed up in google search  moment after i have submitted it’s request to google search console for indexing…Thanks for your reply.

What you look for,because covid 19 change world???