Why my Arctic Code Vault Contributor badget disappear

I remember that I had that

Arctic Code Vault Contributor

name before, but after the achievement feature has come out, I found that I could not set the badge. :<

Any help pls? Or I’m out? :<

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because it’s a badge already! and that is awesome,

check this out:

:wave: Welcome! @VoiceBeer

I can see the badge on your profile - it just changed to a brighter image so you might not recognise it.

Hi thx and nice to mee ya :>

I just re-added the email that is linked to the Arctic Code Vault Program, and the badge re-appears. :grin:


Hi, actually I have the same issue now :stuck_out_tongue: Where have you re-add the email?

Thanks in advance. Best wishes,

Hi @mbiesiad , just go to ur email settings (in the settings of your profile), and add the email account that you deleted before :>, hope it works

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