Why my account is blocked?

11 October 2019

TIC-80 Found issue  SCREAM OF SOUL By  Avevad.

So I see words  Masternama-8000  I’m typing comment can’t understand what a comment?

After 2 hours commented Avevad.

12 October 2019

Masternama-8000 typing comment inside fake code variables in the config file.

13 October 2019

Nesbox  developer owner comment said clicked my account block. Says " @masternama-8000 please, stop spamming to avoid blocking the   user!!!".

Now what happen…

Here we go there is screenshots:


Footage happen:

Masternama-8000  see appear comment typer & comment. Then after blocked account I doesn’t appear comment typer & comment displayed says " You can’t perform this action at this time."

I fix this!




Please add an option in the config to disable the built-in TIC-80 keyboard.

Please add an option in the config to disable the built-in TIC-80 keyboard #945

Thank you for the report


Master Nama

You got solved, Please comment!

Hi @masternama-8000,

Thanks for being here. This question is already answered in another thread here. I’d recommend checking there for your answer. In an effort to keep the Community Forum organized and make it easier for other users to find information, we ask that users continue the conversation in existing threads, instead of opening new ones about the same topic. For this reason, I’ll be closing this topic, and you can continue the conversation in the original thread, if you’d like.

As mentioned in that other post, you’ll need to reach out to private support for help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum.

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