Why is Turkey country code (+90) not listed in the SMS two-factor authentication?

This is ridiculous. A lot of small countries are in the list but not Turkey? What’s going on?

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Because once you set 2FA on your account, you absolutely have to have access to it in order to sign in, it is vitally important that we only offer SMS in areas where our service providers are very reliable.

I’m afraid at present, this isn’t the case in Turkey (and some other countries). I know we recently were able to add a couple that had been missing for a while, so keep your :eyes: open! We add countries as soon as the reliability rates hit our threshold.

In the meantime, you can use TOTP on a desktop or mobile device to protect your account - and don’t forget to keep your recovery codes safe.

A country with an 85 million population is not on the list! Even the countries embargoed by the USA are on the list.