Why is the wait on github copilot technical preview so long?

Im a student of CS in portugal, and after seeing my colleague just showing how copilot could just place an entire code block for firebase(which although not an obscure context i found it amazing how it works with various contexts instead of just working with a selective amount of programming languages all without “3’rd party”, i decided to try it out, after placing myself on the wait list i was hopping to get in after 24-48 hours.

Unfortunately 3-5 days or more have gone by and im still patiently awaiting for something which after i asked my colleague he replied how he had waited for 2 months… I get how its not a full release and as such the massive flexible architecture isn’t there meaning some days or a week or two are expected, but 2 months? Considering GitHub is now owned by Microsoft(which although the details, they surely have the means to a wait time smaller than 2 months, some friends even told me that although they entered the waiting list a while ago they haven’t ever checked on since which i can only imagine is a recurrent theme in this whole operation.

It feels like the whole “state-of-the-art AI hardware” scarcity to be an excuse, and im starting to think about why would Microsoft which reportedly showed interest on the project wouldn’t allocate more resources(which for the demo i saw on my friends computer it did not appear slow nor any visual mess with all the requests sent from a slow college connection), as an opinion it feels like its just a “damage control” operation, firstly maybe to kill the hype which usually cause the long term of a project to be damage as bad performance on the first weeks causes users to have a ill vision of the project even after the issues are address and secondly due to the whole “plagiarism” grey area after all if the ai was trained in open source areas so the robot is after all just a child that’s pasting code blocks blindly that he saw on repositories which if given to a large amount of users could cause devastating lawsuits against Microsoft

If its really about the “exotic” hardware and the architecture still not being well defined, why are those details so obscured. I guess most users wouldn’t understand the technical details around it but surely copilot could just say something on how much the servers are overloaded/ how much time would take to get onto the technical preview

Its almost like there’s a single employee selects some random lucky users in the 5 minutes remaining before his evening shift starts to guarantee scarcity yet be able to create the roots needed to consolidate a chunk of the market

TL;DR: is the real reason of the wait really the hardware or is it just Microsoft avoiding hardships with big headlines/hypetrains