Why is the Option to only allow creation of Private Repos in my Org by Org Members Greyed out?

On the “Organization Settings > Member Privledges” Page, I see this: Capture.PNG

I want to select the second option, thus allowing members of my Organization to make only Private Repos (not public ones), but that option is greyed out. I’m unable to find any description of why I can’t select that option? Can anybody explain why that option cannot be selected?

You need to have a paid plan on your organisation in order to be able to create private repos in them. I suspect the option will be available when you’re on a paid plan.

We are already on a paid team plan, with plenty of private repos.

This sounds like a billing issue. Get in touch with private support at https://github.com/contact . Due to privacy reasons, no staff members here will discuss billing details.


hi, have you solved it?

I have the same issue. Paid organisation since 2014, no billing issues. Can’t see any conflicting options or solutions online.

This was never resolved for me either (but I also haven’t bothered to reach out to billing support about it because I’ve been busy with other things)

No, it still is greyed out.

Hi @jdub  (and also @sciguy14 ) - please do reach out to billing support if you’re experiencing issues with the creation of private repo’s! We’d love to help you out here but sadly it isn’t possible due to the fact we can’t discuss your private billing details in a public forum, as well as the fact that many of us aren’t GitHub staff!

Hi – as other posters have said, this isn’t a billing issue, or related to creating private repos. It’s about an disabled organisation option that would only allow the creation of private repos.


“Okay, I have my answer. In case anyone else comes across this, it is an Enterprise Cloud feature, and all I have is Team access.”



After talking with an account rep regarding this, it is only enabled in “Enterprise” level accounts. Github has to make their money somehow, and it seems danlging security features in front of our faces, then demanding payment to access them, is one such tactic. 

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