Why is the name of WatchEvent action "started"?

I found that the name of WatchEvent action “started”, and the name is somewhat confusing.

I think “starred” is much suitable to this event than “started”, as the documentation mentioned, “The event’s actor is the user who starred a repository”.

What do you think about it?

In addition, I couldn’t find an unstarred event, the opposite event of WatchEvent.

Is there any event performing this function?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll provide it to the appropriate teams.

One thing to keep in mind is that if we changed this value from started to starred, everyone’s code that currently expects started would need to be updated. I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of lines of code that would need to be touched, tested, and reviewed … but I’m pretty sure it would be a lot and rather expensive for all involved :grinning: Given that the documentation is pretty clear, I’m not certain that expense would be justified?


Oh, I understand that problem.

However, I think it will be better to change the name of this action when the version of Github API is upgraded :slight_smile: