Why is only the readme file being published to github pages

I saw another topic like this but it didn’t help me understand what I am doing wrong here.

I have a repo here: https://github.com/michaelstanwyck/zenclubla

When I go here: https://michaelstanwyck.github.io/zenclubla/

I get a 404 error

Previously I was only getting the readme page so I deleted the repo and started over. Now I can’t figure out what the heck I’ve done.

Can someone point me towards what I need to do to get my site to display? Thanks

Maybe if you rename zen-index.html to index.html it works?

I can see your site at: https://michaelstanwyck.github.io/zenclubla/zen-index.html

More info (you need to publish first): https://help.github.com/en/articles/configuring-a-publishing-source-for-github-pages#default-source-settings-for-repositories-without-the-username-naming-scheme

Example: https://gasoline.github.io/amber/

P.S. It takes a few minutes before your changes are visible, so you can’t see your changes right away.


Thank you! That is interesting. I will see if that helps but I am glad to see it published live!


I’m getting the same issue where I can only see my README.md file https://concodex93.github.io/. What was the fix in the end? 



A little late, but this may be a fix to your problem:


I am also getting the same issue with the readme.md file being published instead of (about.Rmd and index.Rmd). Still couldn’t find an answer to the fix even after deleting the repo and restarting as well as following the links to articles provided in this thread. Could anyone help me figure it out?
my github page: https://cheryltky.github.io/
my repo : https://github.com/cheryltky/cheryltky.github.io.git

Hey, this solution helped me. Thanks.
I changed the name of my html file from index1 to index.html & it worked.