Why is only the readme file being published to github pages

Hello,  I am struggling to figure out why the only thing I see on github pages is the readme file. 

I have been giving myself a crash course on all this for the last week so excuse my ignorance

I believe that I have the repo set up properly here:


What I am trying to do is add google ad sense tags to the website that the above repo builds. In order to see if any changes I make are working and to give me a sandbox I followed the instructions to publish to a github page here:


However all I see is the readme file. Is this right? 

Since this is a working website I was expecting to see a copy of www.eostalk.io Am I completely missing something here?

Thank you in advance for your help!



Hi @ironmonkeeeee,

Looks like you’ve got your content in a folder, so your site is sort of available here: https://ironmonkeeeee.github.io/ironmonkeeeee/public/.

If you want that to be your homepage, you will need to move it into the root of the repository instead of that folder. Then you should be all set! 

Hope that helps!


Thanks! I actually was able to get that far in all of my tinkering around. Maybe I am just too unskilled to get the full page up there. In all of the tutorials I watched it shows that the index.md file is what was being used to make web pages. I guess my quest now is to find out what other files need to be there as well. I am trying to see where the ad slots will be and how they will display on the page when fully rendered.



What is the issue in this : https://github.com/nicks9188/static

this is the url: https://nicks9188.github.io/static/

another one: https://github.com/nicks9188/github.io-self

url: https://nicks9188.github.io/github.io-self/

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Same problem here. I have an index file which I was expecting to be displayed with github pages. But instead just the readme file is shown:



The index file is in the master folder, not a subfolder.

How do I fix this?

Presumably being able to view what you are developing through github is fundamental to the service. Otherwise everyone working on the project has to keep downloading the files, testing them out locally, and then uploading them again. Which would be very slow. So it’s a shame this hasn’t worked more smoothly.

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Also, assuming I can get this to work, how do I get it to work in relation to the branch that I am working on? I have created a new branch for my project, but the only options that I get for github pages are master branch, master branch/docs folder or none. My new branch doesn’t appear.


I’m not exactly following you and I’m having the same issue where my project redirects to the Readme file. When I deploy to github pages using ssh and NPM ‘gh-pages’ it wants me to run an ‘npm run deploy’ which runs a build script and places files in a build folder. So now there is a ‘build’ folder, a ‘public’ folder and with React a ‘src’ folder as well. So therefore I am able to access this:


but not this:


Please advise on what I need to do to fix. Thank you for your time.



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hi the same problem happened to me and i dont know how to fix it can somebody pleas help me


It looks like they forgo to mention that you most probably shouldn’t initiate that repo with .md file…

Webpage seems to delete fine after deleting it :slight_smile:

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Faced the same problem and summarised all my findings over here, may be a fix for you:



I ran npm run deploy and had the same problem - GitHub pages was only showing the README.

Then I pushed the build directory I had created locally to my remote repository. When I did that, my React app worked with GitHub pages.

Static sites need .nojekyll file!

If you’re planning to publish a static HTML website on GH Pages, you need to add a .nojekyll file to disable Jekyll, otherwise the default behavior is that GH Pages will serve your markdown docs via Jekyll.

Go the website branch or folder (depending on your GH Pages settings) and in the website root folder open the terminal and type

touch .nojekyll

(or whichever method you prefer to create an empty file with that name)

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Why does Github have this Jekyll feature? What is the benefit that Github expects?

Jekyll is a blog-style CMS, with contents in markdown:

The advantage of using Jekyll is that your markdown documents in the GH Pages folder (or branch) would be automatically served as a blog, you only have to chose a template and not worry about HTML and CSS, only the markdown contents.

If you prefer creating a static website (in HTML), then just add the .nojekyll file in the GH Pages folder and GitHub will not use Jekyll to treat your project/account website ad dynamic…

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