Why is my github page showing my previous url with the new one i want to deploy?

so i started a github page using Jekyll and named it crazychickendev.github.io now I’m trying to deploy another github page named nwaobidaniel.github.io but it’s not allowing me use the URL rather it’s deploying it to crazychickendev.github.io/nwaobidaniel.github.io ???

Hi, @crazychickendev!

What you’re describing sounds like expected behaviour to me, though I understand why it might be confusing!

Every GitHub account is only eligible for a single “github.io” address, which always follows the format of “your-username.github.io”.

Your repository named “crazychickendev.github.io” will be published at https://crazychickendev.github.io, because crazychickendev  is your username. However, any other GitHub Pages repositories under your crazychickendev account will always be published at https://crazychickendev.github.io/repository-name, even if the repository’s name also ends in “.github.io”.

I hope that helps to explain!