Why is math needed, when we have HTML+CSS?

Hey! I’ve decided to make some tutorials about CSS+HTML, something like “website school”, so first of all we have to answer all these questions.

Is really web development the future?

There is no exact answer to this question. Remember, today one programming language is popular, the next day not anymore.

According to Codingdojo, today the web development direction is becoming more and more popular.

It can’t be named as future, as

  • There are other directions that still have value. If all people start coding js, who will be making for example custom software?
  • That is not the right question. It can be the most popular direction, but other directions that are not really popular such as ruby have their value. That means that this direction doesn’t need a lot of people, but some with strict requirements (experience, quality of projects etc.)

Then, what language to start?

It is a question for you. You shouldn’t start coding on js just because it is popular. One day it becomes not and you have to choose another one. Choose something you like and you are really good in. Why? Because it is your key to always have a job - your individuality and your quality.

Why do programmers need math?

More and more programmers (if I can name them so) think that programming is

  • Coding
  • Language to learn

But it is

  • logic
  • creativity
  • MATH

Why math?

Do you really know fast algorithms to solve some problems without math?

No. You can find the solution, but do you really understand to make your code faster in future?

Do your algorithms have the same value as a fast one?

No. Because logic brings shorter algorithms to solve any problem.

Logic brings faster solution and better quality:

  • You can deal with problems faster as you find the solution faster.
  • Your code is shorter
  • Your code is structured. All variables and methods have max value. So your program works faster

Math brings you logic:

  • You know fast algorithms and you know their foundation
  • You know programming definitions as it is in math

Some examples:

  • Recursive functions - fast function processing
  • Binary Trees - Fast Walk Through Data
  • Sorting algorithms - a way to save space and time

Even if you study HTML+CSS, where there are no algorithms, remember, that logic is needed everywhere and math still has value even here: you save your time.

Btw, I want to start real tutorials with tasks about HTML+CSS, moving to JS and databases.

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