Why is GitHub's application process for its education pack so tedious and frustrating?

I just want to code, why is it being like this to me? It doesn’t even recognize that Im using an .edu email.

Please some body help me. I’m not having fun with this.

:wave: Welcome!

If your .edu email address is not usable, that’s usually because your school allows those email addresses to be used by folks not currently enrolled. This means we can’t determine that you are definitely a current student just by verifying your email address and the Education team are asking for more proof.

There’s more to read here:

Thanks for your reply!

I have to use a .edu email address to apply, this is the only .edu email I have! I have verified transcripts and am able to provide a verification of enrollment with National Student Clearinghouse.

I just want to code. I’m an enrolled US student. This is very frustrating!

You can select “I don’t have a school issued email” and that will allow you to upload your documents.

I tried just submitting the form with no email, it won’t let me. And to be entirely clear here, I don’t think it’s because I can’t fill out the form, it’s because the option to submit the form and check the button to show I don’t have a school email doesn’t exist. I just want my student developer pack. I’m an enrolled student.

Apologies! I was definitely unclear here. You would need to add another email address to do this. It doesn’t have to be an edu email address, but you would have to add it to your GitHub account and verify it. That allows the education team to email you about your application.