Why is gitHubDesktop letting me push my commits to repos without being signed in? Is this normal?

I’m using gitHubDesktop with Mac OSX Sierra. I noticed today after signing out of my account via the gitHubDesktop preferences menu , I was still able to push commits to my repos. Is this a bug / issue or intended?

When signing in using gitHubDesktop’s preferences menu, it says “Sign in to your GitHub.com account to access your repositories” so im assuming its not intended.

@gandalfgrey123 logging out of GItHub Desktop should prevent you from pushing to your repository unless you are specifically using SSH authentication for your repositories. I just tested this out on my macOS machine to verify I was unable to push after signing out. Would you mind uploading the log file from GitHub Desktop so I could take a closer look?

To access the log files go to the file menu in GitHub Desktop and select Help > Show Logs in Finder (macOS) or Explorer (Windows). The log files are created daily – please upload a log file as an attachment from the day where you experienced the issue.

 Thank you for the follow up, Im sorry I did not see this response earlier. 

Im not using SSH to sync files with the repository.

Just exclusively using the gitHubdesktop interface only. 

I will upload the log file and I will try to upload a photo or example of the issue happening.  

Heres the log file after this push,

looks like something to do with the ,  git -c credential.helper 

2018-12-01T16:58:38.433Z - info: [ui] [AppStore] loading 6 repositories from store
2018-12-01T16:58:38.749Z - info: [ui] launching: 1.4.1 (Mac OS 10.12.6)
2018-12-01T16:58:38.750Z - info: [ui] execPath: '/Applications/GitHub Desktop.app/Contents/Frameworks/GitHub Desktop Helper.app/Contents/MacOS/GitHub Desktop Helper'
2018-12-01T16:58:54.805Z - error: [ui] Error checking for updates
Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -60006.)
2018-12-01T17:00:39.740Z - info: [ui] Executing fetch: git -c credential.helper= fetch --progress --prune origin (took 1.126s)
2018-12-01T17:00:39.746Z - info: [ui] Background fetch for 6 repositories took 1.289sec
2018-12-01T17:09:11.269Z - info: [ui] Executing push: git -c credential.helper= push origin master:master --progress (took 5.620s)

@gandalfgrey123 thank you for the detailed screenshots, and I apologize for the delay in replying to you. I’ve attempted to reproduce this but have been unsuccessful thus far. 

GitHub Desktop creates an application password in macOS’s Keychain Access when you log in with your GitHub account. When you log out this entry should be removed. Could you try logging out and then logging back in to see if the entry is removed? This is the specific entry you are looking for:

GitHub - [https://api.github.com](https://api.github.com)



 Okay looks like there were two application application keys created …

1 “Github-github.com  

2  "Github-https://api.github.com"

1 Github-github.com , seems to be one that was created when I first installed and signed into Github Desktop. 

2 Github-https://api.github.com , was created and deleted when signing in and signing out 

The Tests:

First I signed out,  Github-github.com  did not get deleted , and Github-https://api.github.com" was deleted

Second I tested it with only the second removed and was still able to push , fetch , pull etc.

Then I removed the first Github-github.com and I was not able to push , fetch , pull etc. 

I signed back in and it only created the Github-https://api.github.com named key.

Computer Details:

I would list details about my computer setup as help, but it is pretty basic and I cant think of any external application that would cause this. The GitHub Desktop dmg was installed and downloaded from the website. I have minimal amount of extra applications installed ( brew, microsoft office, mcafee endpoint security for mac, sublime text ) , I’ve never messed with the .ssh/known_host ssh file or any other ssh config files.