Why is Git/GitHub so hard to understand?

It’s more of like a request than a question. It was 2 years back that I decided to learn Git. I only knew Java back then and hoped to learn this too. But then it felt so confusing that I left it. And this process was repeated again and again. I try to learn it, things start to go above my head and I leave. I have done it about 5-6 times now. From course in Udacity to a community named Gitter, I have tried to be as innovative in my approach. But the result is always the same. Now I have learnt Python, JS and C++. In 2 months I am going to start working as a software engineer. Can anyone assit me with it?/

Thankyou  :slight_smile:

Nah. It isn’t that hard to understand. It’s like using a game console. When you know the commands you are the boss. You can do everything. You could use GitHub or SourceTree but I don’t know if the company would allow using it.

Simply take a day and learn how to use GitHub and then you’ll understand the phrases that are essential for git. And then it is only a thing of remembering the right commands.