Why is Brazil (still) not listed in SMS two-factor authentication?

Why is Brazil country code (+55) still not “officially” available in the SMS two-factor authentication even though it works by simply bypassing a front-end only validation? I’ve seen a dozen people being able to validate their phone numbers by going around the front-end validation by simply including Brazil’s country code into the drop down list through the console. If it works, why it is not officially listed?

Honestly the explanation given before that “there’s not enough demand” seems even weirder now considering that Brazil is a gigantic country dev-wise and that, weirdly enough, the validation has been actually working for it for at least 5 years.

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Today I tried to setup the two-factor auth with SMS and also couldn’t find Brazil (+55) in the list. But its very odd that I never heard about this before. I was thinking that it was only me not being able to find Brazil for some reason.

I bet that Brazil is at least one of the 10 top countries that uses GitHub the most. And yet nobody since September answered you. But I still thinking that there is something weird, because I never heard a complaining about it before.