Why is a response from external endpoint different on GitHub Pages from running the repository local

I am doing the following request on a repo in my github pages (https://github.com/equalcoding/equalcoding.github.io - /js/main.js)

let ele = document.getElementById('blog');
let request = new XMLHttpRequest()
request.open('GET', `https://dev.to/api/articles?username=${devtoUsername}&state=${state}&per_page=${perPage}&page=${page}`, true)
request.onload = function () {
    response = JSON.parse(request.response);
    response.forEach(response => populateBlogDOM(response, ele));

So this record I am fetching should hold TWO results. I know it does. Postman returns two and so does my query when I run this locally, however, this does not work on GitHub pages. I can see the request being made correctly but I still get different responses. See below:


I cannot find any information on this. Has anyone come across this?

Hi, @equalcoding!

I’ve had a look, and it seems you’ve made some additional commits to your main.js file in the time since you created this topic. It looks like these changes did the trick, as I can see your live site returns the two posts now, as expected:


If you’d like to share what you discovered while working to resolve this trouble, I’m sure others might appreciate it.

Either way, nice work!