Why is a dependency only shown in one of the repositories?

When looking at the dependency graphs I sometimes see a dependency among the dependencies for one repository but the same dependency is not seen among the dependents of the other repository. Why is that? For example, TerosHDLbackend depends on VUnit (https://github.com/TerosTechnology/TerosHDLbackend/network/dependencies) but that dependency is not shown on the VUnit side (https://github.com/VUnit/vunit/network/dependents)


Hi @larsasplund,

Thank you for being here! As of yesterday repositories that publish multiple packages, repository administrators can now choose the package to display in the repository settings experience. 

Hi @andreagriffiths11,

Thanks for getting back on this issue but I don’t think this will solve my problem. When looking at the changelog for the mentioned feature I see that it’s about configuring the Used By button. The problem is that I don’t see any Used By button in VUnit. I’m assuming that is because no dependents are listed even though other project show that they do depend on VUnit, for example TerosHDLbackend.