Why i don't receive emails about direct commits?

I’m watching the repository and i get emails about new PRs, issues, comments, commits in PRs, merges. But i do not get an email if someone does a direct commit to the code (without a PR). If i watch a repo i want to be notified about any activity. Now i have to setup an RSS monitoring for Commits page to get notified about rare occasions with direct commits and get lots of duplicates of course (already notified about them via email).

Hi and welcome @wrooot ,

Did you try following this article: https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-email-notifications-for-pushes-to-your-repository ?

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I have enabled notifications for push events in one repo where i am an admin. But i can’t do this for other repos i watch, as i am not an admin. Still have to wait for a non PR commit to see if this works.

Thanks for posting back. Yeah, do wait for such a commit and update us here if you still have trouble after that!

I have asked someone to do a commit and did receive a notification. But the problem with other repos still exists (i’m not an admin there). Also have to see if i won’t get double notifications for PR merges.

A minor thing, this notification is plain text and looks a bit different. Wonder why direct commits are not included in regular Watch notifications like everything else.

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