Why doesn't simple domain forwarding work with GitHub pages?

I have tried a lot to point my mugdhav.in (reg. hostgator) domain to point to my GitHub pages mugdhav.github.io. But failed every time, despite following the instructions from github-provided.

I want to know why simple domain forwarding alone does not work (see setting pic) for this purpose? Why CNAME and A Records must be created with the host? This is a bug-prone process, and must be simplified.

guess that is not a difficulty of github. You should talk to your hosting-provider if you can’t manage you DNS



“Domain forwarding” is not a DNS feature and not how GitHub Pages works.

You will need to create proper DNS records as documented here if you want a Pages site to route on a custom domain. Among many things this is also what allows GitHub Pages to provision a certificate on your behalf for access over HTTPS.