Why doesn’t GitHub Team include unlimited collaborators on private repos?

GitHub Free offers unlimited collaborators in private repos. GitHub Team unlocks premium features that are not available on GitHub Free. Since all users/collaborators for GitHub Teams private repositories have access to these enhanced features, they require a paid seat.  

The premium features in GitHub Teams include: 

  • Required pull request reviewers
  • Protected branches
  • Code owners
  • GitHub pages
  • Wikis
  • Multiple assignees for issues and PRs
  • Multiple pull request reviewers
  • Auto-linked references
  • Repository insights graphs: Pulse, contributors, traffic, commits, code frequency, network, and forks
  • 3,000 GitHub Actions minutes 
  • 2GB GitHub Packages storage
  • Standard GitHub Support

For more information about features included in GitHub product features please refer to our help documentation and GitHub’s Pricing Page.